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What do you think of my art ?

Posted by DaShahRach00 - 13 days ago

Hello everyone !

I would just like to have some feedback from you, to know what you like about my art, what does it make you think of, what do you think it means, anyway.

Thank you in advance for your answers and all your support !! ^^

and sorry for my bad english

(Feel free to expand on your answer as much as possible if you can!)



They have a dark meaning... 10/10

Thank you

I found the artistic style interesting! :)

Well, it's look like chaotic in some point with a little gore in it, but after all is a good artstyle, it's just need a kick in the colors to be more punk

You’re really good!

chef kiss

Thanks ^^ !

Reminds me of work that sinnykitt does, but less thematic and with less spice, but still good.

Interesting comparison,
Less thematic ? What do you mean by that ? :o

Your artstyle is very consistent in a weird way, since most of the shapes aren't consistent at all, it looks very unique and also apealing, my first look on most of your art got me thinking about feelings in general, but anger and hatred overall, all of the intense colors surrounded by "deformed creatures" gives the feeling that something overwhelming is happening, if not in the picture itself, maybe in the grand scheme of things, also, all the critters i just called deformed creatures, i think they look very cute X3

Thanks for writing such a long response.
I'm glad that despite the confusing shapes, the strange monsters and the themes covered
it looks attractive to your eye
Thank you !! :D

A lil bit of polished about the lines, just that and you're good

This is good advice !! I never really learned anything about lineart so I'll have to get started, I just know that at first I wanted to have the lineart of flash games from the years 2000-2010, with a big line like Edmund Mcmillen or Dan Palladin !

I love it. I prefer darker art than cuter art.

Owh i see ! :D

Your art style is really unique Shah and I really love all of the cute and unique characters you have made over the years. Your style has to be the most unique and cute style I have ever seen in my life. The time and dedication that you take to make your drawings is just amazing and it really shows in your art Shah. Overall, you are just an amazing artist!

Thank you so much !!!
Thank you for all your reviews and all your kindness ! Thank you so much for supporting me, I'm so happy you like it so much

I clicked on your art page and my initial reaction was: "oh cool~!"

Very cool style, needs more polish in the shapes but have good ideas.

Thanks for the advice !

@DaShahRach00 he makes gore and war, but you seem to draw whatever inspired you/ you had in mind on that particular day. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Owh okay, i see, thank you !

I LOVE IT!! Just the way that you draw art, those little creatures that you add, the colors, EVERYTHING!! it's all so beautiful! And also, I've been drawing some things that have a lot of inspo from you! but I dont know if I'll post them. But overall, YOUR ART IS AMAZINGGGG!!!! <333

omg, I'm so happy that my art inspires you, one of my biggest dreams is that my creations inspire other people, and thank you thank you thank you thank you, for everything, for your support, and for what you come to say !! :D
Don't hesitate to post them or send them to me I would be so happy to see them !! ^^

I think it yes

Your style reminds me of something I've seen and forgotten a long time ago. As a very nostalgic person that is a compliment. Some people here have mentioned gore, like it would be a bad thing. For me it is great contrast for your otherwise cute style. Looking forwards seeing your art in the future!